Taking Delivery

IMG_0113webThe Astro is delivered by artic, so you must have turning space at your farm for an artic. One artic will carry between 25 and 35 rolls of Astro, with each roll containing around 15m length of 2m wide Astro. So each load will cover around 400m of cow track at 2m width or 200m at 4m width.*

*Due to the nature of the product, we can only use approximate figures. If the rolls have slightly less sand in them, they will be a bit lighter and you may receive a greater length of product & vice versa.

Ensure you have turning space for an artic


Each roll of astro will weigh around 750kg, so you will need a telehandler and forks to unload it. Place one pallet fork tine into the end of each roll – either through the centre hole or, if it’s too tightly rolled, just above the centre between two layers.


The rolls of Astro can be placed in a pile and stored outside until you are ready to lay them